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Olympus PEN-F review: Classic good looks and great performance, with hefty price tag, Samsung NX ... See newest reviews

Olympus PEN-F review: Classic good looks and great performance, with hefty price tag

Today Online
  • Excerpt: At a glance, the remastered and recently-released Olympus PEN-F pays aesthetic homage to its iconic counterpart, a popular flagship film rangefinder that first hit...
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Samsung NX Mini review: Almost ideal substitute for smartphone cameras

Today Online
  • Excerpt: The Samsung NX Mini, which comes in white, baby pink, mint green and brown, looks much better than a regular camera. After using the interchangeable-lens camera for...
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Samsung NX30 review: Sturdy, speedy, lightweight

Today Online
  • Excerpt: Photographers who want to graduate from point-and-shoot cameras should take a look at Samsung’s NX30, from the company’s award-winning NX series.
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The Casio Exilim EX-10: Shoot first, pick later

Today Online
  • Excerpt: While compact cameras have faded in popularity thanks to the rise of smartphone cameras, a new category has risen to make the compact relevant again: The large...
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The Nikon Df is hipster perfect

Today Online
  • Excerpt: Nostalgia can be a powerful thing, especially when it comes to cameras: The popularity of lomo cameras, Instagram and Fujifilm’s retro-styled digital cameras are an...
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